The Honda Cuby Book – 1st Editions are now available

The Honda Cuby “T10” collectible is one of the most sought after small engines for any vintage Honda enthusiast. One enthusiast in the community has dared to collect all the information and do a marvelous break down of the engine with every part labeled. Volker Wolff, the proudly labeled Honda Cuby guru, from Hessen, Germany has done the unthinkable and created a 94 page bible for the antique. Not only does the help collectors understand their engine better, but hidden details that no one knew are explained.

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High quality colored photographs fill the pages with the engines interesting history, specifications, part-by-part instructions and details regarding it’s many accessories. The book is offered in both English and German languages. The 1st edition English publications are being personally signed by Volker and will include a letter of authenticity for the first 25 copies sold, plus individually numbered. Total of 75 copies have been printed for the 1st batch and if sales exceed, a 2nd edition will become available.


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To order your copy, Volker is accepting payment via paypal ( or by email ( and will ship immediately following the sequence of orders. The books cost is $23 USD, plus an $8.50 USD shipping and handling fee (registered worldwide), $31.50 USD total price.  This is an amazing bargain when compared to other books that have been created in the same nature. Be sure to leave a note on your purchase regarding which language you would need and a thank you note to Volker for putting together such an amazing piece of Honda history!

You also order directly from our Honda Roots store:

For more information regarding Volker and the Honda Cuby enthusiast group page:


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