Jürgen Frommknecht’s German Competition ’86 Honda CR-X


Jurgen CRX 15

Jürgen Frommknecht’s Competition ’86 Honda CR-X from Röthenbach, Germany is a beautiful example of how to take a race-proven chassis and make it better. The team over at GenOne-Blog covered the CR-X back in February and as the pictures show, this Rex is pure engine and safety all built in to one machine. The color scheme reflects the classic GT-4 CR-X Mugen competition car that won the ’85-86 National Championships, while the 1.6l ZC setup and 46mm Weber DCOE’s propel the chassis around the tracks. Started in 1999, this German built rocket raced officially from 2000 until 2004 when it was housed for over a decade until till last year. The oil was changed, a fresh battery installed and back on the asphalt it screamed to life with the turn of a key in reliable Honda fashion.

Quick snapshot, the entire chassis was stripped down and sandblasted, with all it’s body welds reinforced before paint. A rare Hemmerle steel roll cage was powder coated championship white and added with a six-point harness that straps the driver into the full-cup Sparco seats. Custom dash with only the minimum of gauges and switches needed. Pauter fabricated connecting rods and Arias chrome pistons were added in the ZC build, but compression was kept at 9.3:1 with the 45 DCOE weber side drafts. Many Mugen goodies were added including a differential and fans similar to the GT-4 race setup.

CRX Jurgen 12  CRX Jurgen 8  CRX Jurgen 7  CRX Jurgen 6  CRX Jurgen 3




  • D16A1 ZC Browntop 1.6l
  • 9.3:1 Compression
  • 196 hp (torque not given)
  • 172 Km/h top speed
  • 45 DCOE Weber Carbs w/ hoppers
  • Pauter connecting rods
  • Arias chrome pistons
  • Custom fabricated titanium valves and springs
  • Dry sump delivery system
  • Honda Mugen differential (gearing not known)
  • Custom grinded 3rd/4th/5th built gears in transmission
  • Racing clutch
  • 100 Zeller HJS racing catalytic converter
  • Oil catch can setup
  • 3-piece Power Tech 9 × 13 rims with 9.0 / 20 Avon slicks
  • Bilstien/Koni suspension setup
  • Marcolon panes, glass fever hood and tailgate

Photography via Austria Racing Photography / Jürgen Frommknecht’s 

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