Nostalgia – CHiPs pull over Honda Accord with HR Pufnstuf?

HR Pufnstuf gets pulled over by Ponch and Jon in his blue ’76 Accord while late to a photo session in this CHiPs episode of season 1. Good old HR Puf didn’t stand a chance to be questioned and decides to walk away on the interstate in that grueling, hot Cali sun. “There is just no way this could be real” I remember as kid when watching this episode before school one morning, way back when. We almost forgot about it until follower Jeffrey Stout filled us on the nostalgic moment via FB.

The 1st generation Accord that Puf is driving, which appears to be an LX model and practically brand new on the LA interstate, is a reminder that the Accord launched in the 1976 while the episode was aired in 1977. What a great way to show off a new car, considering CHiPs mostly used older used cars & trucks for their later episodes. This was most likely to keep production costs down and the Accord was owned by a member of the show that loaned it out. And to think poor HR Pufnstuff just wanted to ride in style to his photo op. Ponch and Jon are always ruining the best moments.


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