Chile Civic Weapon – Claudio Cortez’s ’81 Civic Hatch


“No SR Civic is supposed to be this fast.”

When someone tells you that a B20 2nd generation hatch is impossible, take a look at Claudio’s monster build.

First off, Claudio himself is completely sane. Talking with him through our page we caught wind of a normal, cool-winded Chile resident who loves drag races and the local Honda scene. When he wanted to shock his friends of a pure insane build, his idea of a 230whp B20B setup in a 1500lb (680kg) metal carcass was a nightmare for any local owner to fathom. Add in 5lbs of steady boost from the GT35 turbo and you’ve got a beast on wheels. On top of this being a 2nd generation Civic and with virtually no aftermarket support, his dreams of this sinister build became a true reality.


With two years of grueling work and steady fabrication, the ’81 came to life with its main life support of custom tweaking from Claudio helping shape the engine into the bay with custom mounts for the block and trans. None of it was easy and a lot of planning had to be coordinated through the nights.

Wiring had to be completed from melding the two harnesses together and installing a Haltech Spring 500 ECU in the mix. Tedious touches were done with the wheel combo’s and weight reduction of the chassis to help keep the power to weight ratio right where he wanted it. An interesting note on the transmission choice was an LSD d-series trans (L3) keeping the power planted.

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The build is still continuing and is undergoing surgery for a safety cage and cockpit setup. We will keep you posted with more from this Claudio in the future.

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