TOH 2.0 Revamp….Coming Soon

We are working hard on revamping the most recent addition to our Honda community website, TOH has undoubtedly been used at least once by almost every vintage Honda owner or enthusiast in the world and has helped put back together lost or forgotten builds that deemed impossible due to those hard-to-find parts. It’s classifieds are always packed full of awesome finds, warehouse goodies or leftovers from other projects. What was started 12 years ago has unfortunately fallen to current times with the net and it needed to be updated badly.

Our editor / tech guru, John, has helped us shape the site into its next re-incarnation and we are currently testing it before launch of next year.  New coding, easier social media interactivity and better posting of an ad are just a few things we are working on to make this better than ever.

Current In-progress updates of

  • Easier, more fluid site layout
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Ability to upload high res photos for your ad
  • Social media integration for registering via site
  • Ability to edit your posts and delete, add photo’s
  • Updated site logo
  • x100 improved site security

If you have or currently still use TOH, please let us know in the comments below with what you’d like to see improved with the site or stay the same. Your feedback is important to us!

Nate Mitchell

HR Commander n' Chief Collector of 1G Preludes and resource material. Keeping the Roots Alive one car at a time!

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