Honda Beginnings Start With Family First

Jonas Lill from Santa Clara, California shares us his inspirational story with a simple understanding of what happens with you find the right car, the first time.

“Had a little Honda moment recently I thought I’d share. Ill warn you though it is a bit long.

10806881_10152753109476539_1244772980_nI’ve been a Honda fan since I was very young because my parent’s had an old accord we would road trip in. As a kid I loved it because I had my own seat and with the skis loaded it dividing my half from my brothers it was my own fortress. It always felt like the family dog we never had. This lead me to look for Honda’s in college when I wanted to race a car but couldn’t really afford it. I find an 87 civic sedan and after all was said and done it cost me a mere $1000. I loved the absolute crap out of that car, most fun I’ve ever had, and we took it to a rally cross where I managed to snag 2nd for the fwd section. Even beat a few Subaru times. It was so incredibly cheap and reliable it let me live my dream when I really shouldn’t have been able to. So easy to work on too, we used to joke that every single bolt on the car was a 10mm. They nearly all were.

Then this summer at my grandparents house I found this picture. Apparently when my parents first came to America they were incredibly poor. They got scammed by a used car dealer into buying a lemon and with literally the last of their money they bought another car, this time a Honda. Expecting the worst and hoping for the best they figured at least if this one broke they could take the CD player. It really pulled my family out of a tight spot. Turned out to be my dad’s favorite car he ever owned and my mom absolutely loved it too. Just to put it in perspective they drive Porsche now. Realizing we had owned the same car at a similar age and had such positive memories to draw on was really a bonding experience for my family. It got them interested in my hobby and now we can talk cars at the dinner table. I never knew about this car but it turns out I’ve been a Honda kid since day one. At the time I was less than a year old. It’s funny how life sometimes just comes full circle like that.”

Nate Mitchell

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