JCCS 2014 Part 4: Accords and Integras

Last but not least in our series covering JCCS is a rather large batch of some Accords and Integras. A good showing of 1st gen Accords made it out, all in impeccable shape.

Chris Hoffman, owner of the minty black CRX from part 3, also brought out his all-original, super low miles hatchback.

Chris Green’s even-lower-mileage sedan made an appearance to compliment his minty Prelude from part 3.

And then there were these two extremely similar silver sedans that showed up.

When we peeked under the hood of the second one though, we found a little transplant had been done. And a mighty clean one at that, even keeping the power steering setup. We imagine this is quite the sleeper.

This all original 2g Accord showed up, showing off it’s Savoy Brown Metallic paint which looked so killer in the sun. It’s so rare to see this color in such good shape, it really was stunning.

And it had a classy interior to match!

Robert Dempster also brought out his 85 SEi, the only fuel injected 2g Accord brought to the US. It was looking sharp, and his reupholstered SEi-only leather seats really made the car look classy all around.

And now onto the popup generation! The 3g Accord made a great appearance.  Of the hatchback variety, we have a nice clean stocker.

Vs. a nicely modified version.

Louvers on a hatchback. Who doesn’t love em? So 80s.

This coupe showed up with a JDM B20A motor, the big brother to the browntop ZC. It was actually a stock motor for this car in Japan, making between 140 and 160hp.

Another awesome car of the coupe variety.

Another great looking hatchback too. It’s cool to see the original A20 getting it’s love like this one.

Adan Reyes brought out his turbocharged, B18 swapped, sedan that was lowered out to the max.

I think it might be obvious how we knew it had an engine swap.

Continuing with the popup theme, and finishing out our coverage, we’ll bring you a few Integras. This super mint Integra was rocking all sorts of Mugen goodies!

And a couple of B-swapped Integras made it out too.

Hope you enjoyed checking out all the great rides from JCCS 2014, come back soon for more upcoming event coverage from earlier in Summer 2014.

2 thoughts on “JCCS 2014 Part 4: Accords and Integras

  • October 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    No 90 thru 93 cb7 coverage? Huh!

    • October 8, 2014 at 3:48 pm

      We don’t generally cover CB Accords, as they are a bit newer than we feel fits into the Roots paradigm. Even if we did, they were not allowed into the show. 3rd gen Accords were as new as they got.


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