JCCS 2014 Part 2: Z and N600s

In part 2 in our JCCS coverage, we’d like to present the tiniest of cars from the show, the Z600 and N600s. This was one of the largest selections of these cars that we have seen gathered in once place. Even more turned out than in the previous year that we were here in 2012.

Off away from all the other 600s, was this awesome lime green Z600 with it’s matching lime green accessories!

This N was rocking some blacked out chrome on the front end, and we liked the look.

I really dug this N with the fresh-looking paint, and clean, yet tasteful modifications. I mean, check out those wheels, they look like they might be a massive 12 or 13 inches!

Pretty much every car here was in amazing condition and they were all obviously well taken care of. It was really an amazing sight to behold!


Tim Mings was here with a beautifully restored N. Every single part on this thing looked brand new, down to all the plated parts under the hood. If you don’t know who he is, he is the one and only guy running a shop devoted to restoration and maintenance on these cars exclusively.

And if you think that’s all we’ve got, you’re in for another treat when we bring out part 3 for even more Honda goodness.

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