JCCS 2014 Part 1: S-Cars and Swag

We just returned home from the 2014 Japanese Classic Car show in Long Beach, CA. It was really quite a show with a huge turnout of all sots of cars, . This year, there were just so many Hondas, that we had to break it down into a few parts.  So to start, let see what kind of awesome stuff we were able to find at the show!

For entering a car, you get some great free swag. A window decal, dash badge and keychain all sporting the JCCS 10 logo.

First we had to stop by the model car booth. It was packed with tons of miniature Hondas and scale model cars. A nice selection of Tomica Limited Vintage Hondas, Hot Wheels,  Penny racers and more were available.

Toy Hondas

Norm Reeves, owner of Eeffect Apparel was there, including 2 brand-new Vintage Honda shirts which are officially licensed by Honda/Acura. Check out https://www.facebook.com/eeffectapparel to snag one while they’re here.

Effect Shirts

The “OK” shirt, old school Honda of America emblem, and the classic red “Wide H,” were some of the coolest shirts among other great items.

Effect Shirts

Honda even made it out and brought a few rides from their collection, including one which we’ll get to in another article later this week.

They were giving away some sweet Asimo USB keychain flash drives. And if you talked to the guy standing around with a tablet, he was entering people in a contest to win entry to the private Honda Collection that very few get to set foot in. We are hoping to win that one!


Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, lets get on with what you were here to see, some cars! For some of the rarest and most old school of all Hondas, we wanted to bring you the 3 amazing S cars that showed up at the event.

Being from the Northwest, I decided that of the three, I’d have to take the S800 Coupe for driving through the mountain twisties on a rainy day.

But in the California sun, how could you not want to drop back the top like in this S600.

Scott King’s white S600 convertible was not only getting some major photo time, but won the best in show award for the JCCS ’14 event. Huge congrats from the HR team Scott!      *edited*

Or maybe we would enjoy a bit of attention in this yellow S800.


And we are just scratching the surface here with what we saw at the show. Check back tomorrow for some vintage Honda goodness. There’s oh so much more to come!

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