The Hondas of JCCS 2013

Well folks, we’ve all been super busy lately, but we finally are posting what you have been waiting to see. The 2013 Japanese Classic Car show happened earlier this month, and though we couldn’t personally make it to the show, our good friend Chris Green has been happy to provide us with some awesome photos of some of the the Honda goodness from the show!

This was the first year that Honda became an official sponsor at the show, which we are excited to see. We love when Honda shows it’s roots! And we love official Honda goodies!


Lets get started with the cars! First up are a couple of the most famous Hondas known on the planet. The Spoon Sports E-AT Civic.  This was the car that started it all for Spoon Sports, and was entered into the JTCC back in it’s day. Now, we in the US are lucky enough to be able to see it touring shows in the US.

JCCS 2013 Spoon Civic

Next up is probably another familiar, yet fantastic sight. A Mugen CRX built by Mugen themselves. This car has enough super-rare JDM parts on it to make any Honda fan wet himself. This car is the definition of super rare JDM parts.

JCCS 2013 Mugen CRX

At this point, we might as well start with the oldest first. And there was no shortage of some of the oldest Hondas out there, the Z and N600s!




This Spngebob-laden N600 was packing a 115hp, V-twin from a VFR 800 under the hood. That’s gotta be a blast to drive!



This amazingly, minty-fresh 600 came from the Honda Collection Hall, which is definitely one of the place on our bucket-list to see.


Next up, we have this 1st gen Civic, of the 1979 variety. Looking sharp!IMG_6536

The gorgeous, ultra low mileage, show winning 1g Accords made a showing again this year! Knocking our socks off again.IMG_6580


Here we have a couple of 3rd Gen civics, in a nice matching white.



Following the Civics were the 1st gen CRXs. This super rare convertible model showed up, and it appears to be a Straman conversion.





One Prelude managed to make it out to this show. This dual-carb model has quite the history, and is now currently owned by the son of the original owner and is his daily driver. The family appears to have taken excellent care of it.


This is another rare car in the history of Hondas, the 85 Accord SE-i. One of Hondas first cars in the US to offer fuel injection, and came with leather, power everything, and a sunroof!


This 1g Integra was looking clean, and appears to have a B-series swap packed under the hood.


New to the show this year, are some 3g Accords. We had one of each body style of Accord show up, a hatch, coupe and sedan!


JCCS 2013 3g Accord Coupe
(Accord Coupe Photo Credit: Gino Victoria)


This EF Wagon was definitely an attention getter, with bright colors, and rat-rod styling, mixed with a touch of Boso.


Last but not least were these 2g CRXs on both ends of the spectrum, from modified to bone stock. We love them.

IMG_6530  IMG_6527

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and thanks again to our photographer! If you have pictures of any cars that may have been left out that you want to share, please drop us a line in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The Hondas of JCCS 2013

  • October 10, 2013 at 9:26 am

    I loved all the photos. It looked like an amazing show with a strong showing from Honda. Thank you for the info and after reading I hope to attend next years event.

    • October 10, 2013 at 1:34 pm

      I made it down last year, and it was an awesome show! I am going to go next year, so I hope you can make it out!


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