1986 F1 Grand Prix “Special Edition” CRX


Hot off the heels of the 1986 F1 season with the Williams FW11 Indy car, which featured one of the most powerful turbo derived V6’s in F1’s history during that time, Honda was both winning and losing. Through their loses for the ’86 season, the gains seemed monstrous compared to prior seasons and propelled the Williams Honda to win in the following races through-out the yea in order:

  • 86 Brazilian Grand Prix
  • ’86 Belgian Grand Prix
  • ’86 Canadian Grand Prix
  • ’86 French Grand Prix
  • ’86 British Grand Prix
  • ’86 German Grand Prix
  • ’86 Hungarian Grand Prix
  • ’86 Italian Grand Prix
  • ’86 Portuguese Grand Prix


Stretching into 1987, the FW11 won a total of 8 wins, 16 pole positions and 278 points. The driver that was most famous with the two seasons was Nigel Mansell, who would later pair with Nelson Piquet in the ’87 season to make the duo a winning force until Honda would end their F1 ties with Willams and join McLaren.

To celebrate these accomplishments, Honda released an optional package for the already released 1st generation Honda CRX in 1986. Limited only to one year and only in Japan, the F1 “Special Edition” CRX is still to this day an extremely rare package that many enthusiasts garner towards as the holy grail, battling alongside the Mugen Pro package options.


Riding high on the already packaged “Si” trim, the F1 edition featured one of-kind F1 commemorative touches which included F1 embroidered seats, F1 “Special Edition” side trim red/black decals, a uniquely badged steering wheel and special white 14″ Alloys. Bosch Pilot 150 yellow fog lights on the front with the optional rear spoiler standard gave the 1.6l PGM-FI ZC packaged pocket rocket a flair that stood out from the crowd.



Today this Greek White Civic Ballade Sports is extremely hard to find in stock form as many enthusiasts have bought the F1 pieces to make stand-alone replicas, as the car was never released outside of Japan’s waters. A few have slipped through the cracks and currently one known F1 edition CRX is residing in the US, are a few in Europe land.

Honda also released other F1 “Special Editions” throughout their lineup including the Civic hatchback, Accord sedan and Integra through their Honda Verno dealerships. Don’t be fooled by imposters, the F1 “Special Edition” CRX is one car that is truly rare.

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  • July 27, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    This is very cool. I had no idea that Honda did a F1 edition.
    Thanks for keeping me “in the know”


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