Honda T360 “Snow Crawler” Ad


Debuting in June of 1963, the Honda T360 is no doubt the pinnacle vision of Fujisawa’s want & need for a pickup truck, while Soichiro Honda was busy designing his S360 prototype. The two argued greatly about which should be the main focus of Honda Motor Company in it’s first automobile and both had received their wish, but the T360 was the winner with being the first Honda automobile ever made.


While the truck garnered some national attention in Japan, the “Snow Crawler” package was indeed the most bizarre option considering how new the company was still with overcoming their obstacles on four wheels. This rare and vintage commercial shows the uniqueness behind the Honda T-series and how the tracked propulsion units in the rear aided in moving the truck through the winter wonderland of Northern Japan. Just listen to that 8.5k revving engine…..we hear awesomeness.

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