David Sidhom’s Australian built ’74 Mugen Civic


David Sidhom’s MS-1 1974 Civic is not your typical 1200 1st generation Honda that’s daily driven. Down under and out of Sydney Australia, this unique Civic is one of only 3 speculated on the mainland and is sporting one of the hardest to find packages circa the 1970’s. The Mugen MS-1 package is a complete engine overhaul that adds onto the little EB2 engine an extra 10-15 HP and gives the car some needed aerodynamic changes. It brought the cars 0-60 acceleration time in just at 8.0 seconds.



Featuring everything from the CV4 carb’s with its respected 90 degree-bent distributor to the massive accessory wing in the rear, the MS-1 package was one of 3 packages available from Mugen Japan and designed by Hirotoshi Honda himself, Soichiro Honda’s son.



-Freshly rebuilt with port marched and flowed eb3 head.
-high top pistons
-balanced crank
-Yoshimura high lift cam
-RS exhaust manifold
-Mugen quad carburetor’s and filter
-Mugen right angle distributor
-Mugen thermostat housing
-Mocal oil cooler with remote filter

-Freshly rebuilt five speed

-Mugen suspension
-Mugen rotors and calipers
-Mugen pads
-Mugen wheels

-Mugen race wing
-Mugen air dam (fitted next week)
-Fender mirrors
-Taco dash
-Woodgrain steering wheel and shift knob
-Harness bar
-License plates 74MUGN

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