2013 Great Pacific Northwest Microcar/Minicar Extravaganza

Forest Grove Countryside

Just west of the Portland, Oregon metro area, is a small town called Forest Grove. To get there, you drive out through gorgeous rolling farmland, and u-pick fruit orchards. One of the prime attractions is the McMenamins Grand Lodge, which was originally a Masonic and Eastern Star home that has been recently renovated into a beautiful lodge, restaurant and theater with a disc golf course.

McMenamins Grand Lodge_(Washington_County,_Oregon_scenic_images)_(washD0023)
Photo Credit: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

They are also hosting the Great Pacific Northwest Microcar/Minicar Extravaganza put on by MPH Specalties on their beautiful grounds. As the show’s name suggests, it’s possibly one of the most interesting mixes of tiny cars ever assembled. Rare Fiats, Subaru 360s and Mini Coopers alike attended this show. Most vehicles weighed in under 1000lbs, and were powered by as few as 2 cylinders, some air-cooled and even some 2-stroke.

Civics and N600s

But this is Honda Roots. So we wanted to deliver to you a nice selection of classic, micro-sized Hondas from the show for your viewing pleasure. And what a selection there was… three Civic 1200s, three N600s and four Z600s!


Some of you may recognize this N600, it’s build has been tearing it’s way through motorsports magazines and the online forums. It has competed in the Grassroots Motorsports $2011 challenge. It sports a turbocharged D-series in the rear, and the original engine’s space is now occupied by a double-wishbone suspension setup. Check out the build thread for all the juicy details.

Bryce Nash's Swapped N600 SBryce Nash's Swapped N600 Interior Bryce Nash's Swapped N600 Rear

This beautiful purple 1971 N600 has had a meticulous restoration done to it. Completely torn apart, stripped down to bare metal and built back up. The results of 6 years of work are stunning to say the least.

Gary & Carley Prince's N600 Engine Gary & Carley Prince's N600 Gary & Carley Prince's N600 Interior Gary & Carley Prince's N600

Atop this 1970 Sedan was a nice collection of Honda collectable goodies! This car was also rocking some pretty sweet alloy wheels, and was apparently also a dealer demo car for St John’s Honda just outside of Portland. A very cool piece of history. Imagine how many people bought 600s off the showroom floor who probably all saw, or maybe even test drove this car.

Brian Higginson N600 Brian Higginson N600 Brian Higginson's Honda Toys

Mark Hatten, owner of MPH Specialties, and host of the show, brought along his Z600 daily driver. This car has some serious visual modifications, including hood scoop, side pipes, and big chrome wheels. It’s looking very ready to take on anything! This was a free car that was saved from the eternal damnation of sitting in a field until it rots to absolutely nothing. We approve of the rescue!


Mark Hatten Z600 Mark Hatten Z600

The desert murals on the side and back window of this Z were looking so period and awesome! The tinted headlights and amber fogs, along with color matched wheels really completed a whole look to this car. It looks like it came straight from the southwest.

Blaine Higginson Z600 Blaine Higginson Z600 Blaine Higginson Z600 Wheel

This 1972 Coupe was taken off the road back in 1998. It is now back on the road and looking great.

Daryl Staley Z600 Daryl Staley Z600

The owner of this blue Z (a stunning blue color, if I do say so myself), told me that him and his uncle saved this car from what sounded like near total death. Rust had almost completely taken over this car, eating holes in the rear quarterpanels and floorboards. Repaired and repainted, this Z gets a new chance at life.

Dave Baer's Z600 Dave Baer's Z600

1973 was the first year of the Civic in the US. And this particular coat of paint was only available this year according to this car’s brag sheet. It’s a fantastic color, and goes great with the super rare, gold, 4×120 Enkei wheels!

James Airey's Civic 1200 James Airey's Civic 1200 Enkei Wheel James Airey's Civic 1200 Engine Bay

I really enjoyed checking out this red 1978 Civic 1200. All stock, and looking very clean. Notice this one is a more rare trunk model, as opposed to the other two hatchbacks.

Glen Morris' Civic 1200 Glen Morris' Civic 1200

The engine in this root-beer-colored Civic was standing out fantastically in a bright shade of orange. Modified with a Weber carburetor, this whole engine bay looked clean enough to eat off of.

Lane Taylor's Civic 1200 Lane Taylor's Civic 1200 Lane Taylor's Civic 1200

If you’re a huge gearhead like us, you may want to check out some of the other cars that came to this event as well. Check out a full gallery on Flickr. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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