The Old School Reunion 2013 Recap

The Old School Reunion 2013 Title Pic

2013 brings another year of The Old School Reunion car show in Seattle. This relatively new car show has been growing like crazy since it’s launch a few years ago. The turnout this year was awesome, with the venue completely packed with cars. And there were was no shortage of awesome classic Hondas at this year’s event either!

First off, lets start with the 1st Gen Civic group! These guys were really representing with some of the cleanest and most customized cars at the show! And almost all of them came clear down to the show from Canada!

We might as well start of with the car that won the show’s Best Honda award by Victor Ho. This turbocharged, ZC-swapped Civic was rolling on some dished Enkei J-Speed wheels surrounded by some custom flared fenders. The Mugen chin spoiler looks totally mean with the intercooler peering through it.

Victor Ho's 1st Gen Civic
Victor Ho’s 1st Gen Civic
Interior Shot of Victor Ho's Car
Interior Shot of Victor Ho’s Car
Victor Ho's Turbocharged ZC Swap
Turbocharged ZC Swap
Winner of Best Honda Award
Winner of Best Honda Award

Wilson Ho brought out an awesome black on orange two-tone job, with a custom roof rack, and a turbocharged D-series swap.

Wilson Ho's Civic Wilson Ho's Turbo D-swap Wilson Ho's Interior

We’ve got Justin March, with his Turbo B16 swapped wagon. See a dyno video and more pics from one of our previous articles.

Justin March @ 2013 Old School Reunion

Twyla March was also here with her gorgeous Civic convertible! Not only is this thing immaculate, but it’s also rocking a Jackson Racing supercharged D-series under the hood!

Twyla March's Civic Convertible Twyla March's Supercharged D-swap Twyla March's Interior

Kurt Bosnell was keeping it old-school with the engine modifications in his engine bay. His engine is an EL/EK hybrid from Canadian and US Accords, with plenty of headwork, oversized valves, Dellorto carbs, and AT Engineering header. Read more about his car at Oh and check out his kick-n-go!

Kurt Bosnell's Civic Kurt Bosnell's Engine Kurt Bosnell's Interior

Bobby Lisle’s car was looking great on it’s 12 inch aftermarket wheels! How could you not keep it 4×120 with those awesome rims on there? And check out his dealer-optional soft top! Sweet!

Bobby Lisle's Civic Bobby Lisle's Soft Top and Interior

Byron Chong was showing off this super clean yellow Civic. All around great looking car!

Byron Chong's Civic

And here’s Chris Delair’s chromed-out D-series in his car as well! The LS meshies look great even on the classic cars.

Chris Delair's CivicChris Delair's Engine Bay

Travis Loudenback, one of only two 1st gen Civics from Washington, also made an appearance with his super clean, stock wagon.

Travis Loudenback's Civic Wagon Travis Loudenback's Engine Bay Travis Loudenback's Interior

A few hours into the show, this 1st gen made a surprise showing.

1g Civic from Old School Reunion 2013

Justin Berg brought along his nicely customized 2g Civic. His engine has been modified with a Weber 38, and a hot cam and is making over 70hp to the wheels on the dyno! Not bad at all considering this car made about 50hp stock to the crank.

Justin Berg's CivicJustin Berg's Engine Bay

Bringing not one, but three classic Hondas to the event was Danny Carlson from NW Classic Honda. He was showing off his 3g Civics Si, a totally optioned-out 1500S  and a 3g Accord hatchback!

Danny Carlson's 1500S Danny Carlson's Civic Si Danny Carolson's 3gee

Jon Addington was also representing the 3g Accords with this clean LXi coupe with optional OEM alloys.

Jon Addington's Accord

This turbocharged B16 (just guessing by the plate) 2g Civic wagon made quite the appearance as well!

2g Civic Wagon B16 Turbo at Old School Reunion 2013

Another 3g Civic that came to hang out.

3g Civic at Old School Reunion 2013

The Insight wheels on this CRX look great! And probably give it another MPG or two!

1g CRX at Old School Reunion 2013

A couple more CRXs that also came out.
UPDATE 6/14: Apprently this car also belongs to Danny Carlson. Quite a selection he managed to get out here!

1g CRX at Old School Reunion 2013

This one looked like it was not messing around, sitting on some Potenza RE-11s.

1g CRX at Old School Reunion 2013

Last but not least, this trio of 1g Integras was so awesome to see! The world needs more pop up headlights!

UPDATE 6/14: Thanks to HondaPro Jason for the word that these three cars belong to Robert, Josiah, and Ryan from!

Triple 1g Integras at Old School Reunion 2013

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  • December 7, 2013 at 3:41 am

    Hi I was wondering where victor ho acquired the headlights with the blinkers incorporated within
    Iam about to restore a 77 civic with a b series motor a the is a look I’d love to have of the front of my little gem

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