Carlo Tullio’s 1982 Honda Civic Sedan – Down Memory Lane


The story of your first car is indeed a great chance to tell your family and friends of how much you fell in love with the freedom mobile your parents bought you. Take Carlo Tullio’s story as seen on Curb Classics! It was just a typical 1982 Avignon Blue Metallic sedan that transformed the 15 year old’s childhood into a memorable opportunity to mod, enjoy and even turn down his friends 1980 Smokey & the Bandit Trans-Am. Even the late 80’s pep-boys sunroof add-on will surely bring back memories of the yearns for A/C.


His unique story shares with us the kind of relationship we all share with our Honda’s, whether it be new or old. Carlo certainly proves his point that our first Honda was one of the best damn cars we’ve ever owned.

Check out his article at Curb Classics site HERE!

Nate Mitchell

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