Resto file #8: Fender replacement

Well, I lucked out recently and managed to not only find a decent replacement fender but one in just the right color!



That poor old car has had the same blackeye for a few years now and now that it’s fixed I have to say I feel like it’s lost a little of it’s personality. I’ve grown quite accustomed (attached?) to that rusty dent.


In the video below I walk you through the replacement of the fender, but this video can also be used to see how the grill is removed as well. As I said in the description I’m sure the relative procedures for most other early Honda models are quite similar. I hope you enjoy it:

Once again here are the tools I used for the job:
10MM Wrench.
10MM Socket with extension.
Phillips head screwdriver.
A pick or small screwdriver.
Gasket scraper.
Rubber Mallet: Use Carefully!
1/2″ Nylon Rivets: Dorman Part #799-105.
A piece of my finger and some blood.
Always work safely.
I’ll take a moment to reiterate: use a gasket scraper for this task, NOT a knife.
Uhhhh just sayin… 😉

Ethan – Editor

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