HCC ’13 – Honda Car Classics Show

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In case you missed it, the HCC ’13 or Honda Car Classics show held in the town of Dreieich in Hesse, Germany recently has come and gone after a showstopping attendance for their 2013 meeting. Scheduled on May 4th & 5th, the show had an impressive lineup once again with nostalgia addicts showing their pride.

For almost a decade now, the show has grown with popularity amongst local German and Nationals alike for it’s awesome collection of Honda’s that stretch in generations from ’63 to ’92. This year sported some extremely impressive SN Preludes, Honda City, 2 beautifully kept Honda Beats and the crowning  jewel of the S-series. There was so much of a line-up with almost Honda imaginable including Guido Wolf’s immaculate T360. Such rarity to see driving on the streets that one would probably pinch themselves after witnessing the drive-by!

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For more on the event and pictures, check out the best damn website in Germany www.HondaOldTimer.de where almost all the obsessed, cool Honda kids hang out! Or check out this LINK for the official picture thread. Due to the language barrier, we’d love to see more pictures from the event so please post them up or message us on our FB, we want to hear from you!!

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