Ed Roth’s Honda N600 that showed the public it’s cool to drive a Honda


To illustrate the insanity that was & still is the “Rat Fink” legend, Ed Roth, his Honda N600 is a pure example of just how kick-ass you could make a Honda back in the 70’s and sell something!


The man was a crazed genius after jumping out of the military and finding his true passion in customization. Many of our elders will remember the younger days of reading Hot Rod magazine or Car Craft magazine with Ed Roth’s infamous ads for his fan club & builds. You could easily follow the man and join the club alongside his renowned custom’s including Road Agent, Mysterion, Orbitron or anything Rat Fink that you desired. Who wouldn’t put down a few bucks to have the chance to receive cool swag?

His ’73 Honda N600 is the best example of what he did best…. to GRAB your attention. No matter how you see it, Ed used his talent well and had fun showing the West Coast what he had to offer from his custom painting business and Rat Fink goodies!

Honda N600

Honda N600 (2)

Honda N600 (1)

The N600 is currently on display at the Galpin Auto Sports “Ed Roth” collection alongside the Orbitron and more in Southern California. There’s also this rare 1st-gen Civic (pictured below) on display that Ed Roth used personally throughout his business ventures. Call us crazy, but it’s sorta insane such history exists with one of the Hot Rod gods of the 60’s & 70’s that involves some cleverly disguised Honda’s. He even went as far as to show off Honda motorcycles on available shirts for purchase, which feature some of the coolest tag lines ever. “You meet the weirdest people on a Honda!” We approve!


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