ROTM May: Mike’s ’79 Civic 1500

Mike Civic 2

Taking us down south into the heart of Georgia, Mike’s ’79 Civic is the essential beauty that sets the standard for others who want to follow his path!

“The car isn’t perfect, but it is exactly how I want it, so I guess in my eyes, it is perfect.”

Already a well-known 1st gen for his Canibeat features HERE and forums including, Mike has done what many dare not to do. From the optional factory “Civic” striping to the 13×6 Shelby Reverse Daytonas that are period appropriate, it’s a wonder this car hasn’t gotten a magazine spot yet.

Mike Civic 3

We recently chatted with Mike, during and after, his Import Alliance Atlanta meet alongside K-tuned’s Roger Young’s Civic. He explains the Civic was actually owned by well known SCCA driver Adam Malley with and was offered after Mike started his search for yet another Honda.  Being close friends with Adam, it was a no-brainier to check out the Civic parked around the back of his shop.

“In 2006, I came across Adam Malley again and wanted another first gen. He told me to check one out in the back of his shop. I ended up buying the car from him.”

The stock 1500 CVCC engine was completely shot and was a no-go from the day Mike picked it up. So with the help of Adam, a sourced EK1 1.8l out of the Accord/Prelude generation was dropped in to replace for larger displacement and power.

The civic had the full treatment in body work as Mike completely erased the chassis down to bare metal and repainted with the delicious factory B15M Montparnassee Blue. The added JDM RS fender mirrors & dash clock tip off their hat to an already showroom fresh look while the front air dam was made exclusively by MallenAlley. Mike wanted it to have stance like all of us Honda guru’s love or hate and with just a simple lowering of the suspension…..all we can say is WOW! The rear suspension was handled with cut EG springs while the front was completely re-worked.


We asked Mike what his history with Honda’s has been like and we were quite surprised to hear that he comes from a family that has shared the Honda love, but with some tragic loses.

“I learned to drive in 1985 with my Mom’s 1983 Accord 4 door, 5 speed. The day after she made the last payment, it was rear-ended by a driver and then hit head on by a tractor (trailer). She bought a 1988 Accord, 4 door, 5 speed and not long after I received my first Honda. It was a 1983 Honda Civic hatch. In 1991 or 1992, I bought a 1977 Honda Civic 1200 from Adam Malley and a co-worker of his. In 1997, I bought a 1983 Civic wagon. Modified it and then it died on me.”


Future plans for the Civic are actually almost minimal as Mike says the seats and interior are the last items on his list from making the ’79 perfect. We’re sure there will be more add-on’s in the future as no build is 99.9% complete with anyone. Mike’s ’79 is as perfect in his eyes as it is to us here at Roots and we hope to see more of his Civic in the future.

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