’79 K20 Civic Update – FAQ w/ Roger Young


“It all started when I was told it would not fit in a first gen Civic!”

If any new-comers have missed it, we recently covered a small bit on Roger Youngs “Katch24” build while it was half way completed last September. Click HERE! Following closely on K20.org, the build inspired us to share his project thread and help other nostalgia owners see what raising the bar is considered to be like.

We recently got the opportunity to ask Roger a few questions about the Civic before his show debut at the Import Alliance 2013 Atlanta meet this upcoming Sunday, April 21st! Be sure to check it out and show him the support.

HR: We are excited to finally speak to the man himself that has stirred up the old-school community with the K20 1st Gen. It’s a honor Roger.

RY: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and interest in the car. Let me apologize for my grammar in advance, lol.

HR: It’s no problem. We’ve noticed over the course of the build that you’ve garnered a ton of attention, from Speed-Hunters to K-tuned. How is the attention in the old-school scene so far in your eyes?

RY: Well when you say “old-school scene” I think this car pulls a mixed crowd. To me the modern Honda community seems to be on board with the build. I think some of the old-school guys may think its a little much but still seems OK with it.


HR: How’s the vintage Honda scene in Florida these days? New kid on the block?

RY: As far as cars go there are not a lot that show up that much. There does seem to be a lot of bikes around though. I am working on two 1st gen civics and a 1st gen CRX so I could be the new kid on the block, lol.

HR: Pioneering this swap was no easy feat and it shows beautifully in the latest pictures that you’ve released on your Facebook page. What made you want to do this whole project in the first place. We know the K-series builds run in your blood from previous rides.

RY: Thanks, I have been building Honda drag cars long enough to have built the chassis that I was interested in . I saw the Honda scene changing years ago and it was not for me. I was trying to stop racing and focus on something different so I knew I had to dig deep with this project. As you stated I got on board with the K20 motors right away and had a lot of parts to use. I knew a k20 was going to power the new project also. It all started when I was told it would not fit in a first gen Civic!

HR: Did you ever turn your back and walk away during the integration of the engine into 1st gen’s bay? It seemed like a daunting procedure for something never done before.

RY: Getting the motor in the bay was the easy part it was all the small things that had me wanting to walk at times.

HR: No doubt! Explain to us the entire design behind the chassis reinforcement and tubing added in the front? It’s almost elegantly welded in place.

RY: Once again this goes back to racing, the front end is something that would be used to “front half the car” but would normally tie into the roll cage. Most of the time all the bars are in the bay, but I went under the bay to hide as much as I could.

HR: What made you want to keep it relatively OEM looking versus a GT3, widebody racer look that so many 1st gens owners like to embrace in the community?

RY: Just wanted a simple look, taking nothing away from the engine bay .

HR: Any special engine build details you want to let loose?

RY: It is a simple build, all new parts, but close to stock specs. I was not concerned with power in this car.

HR: You recently took the Civic out on it’s maiden voyage. All go as planned?

RY: Yes all went well , I can say a D16 is all the motor you need in one of these, lol.

HR: Are you active on any forums or sites currently in support of the Civic? 1stgencivic.org?

RY: Yes, 1stgencivic.org / k20a.org / Honda-tech. That’s about it!

HR: You recently announced that K-tuned has partnered up with you for a booth spot at the upcoming ‘Import Alliance Atlanta’ show on April 21st. Being only a week away, are you excited to share your hard work to fresh eyes?

RY: K-tuned has been a long time supporter of my builds, it was only right to have it in the booth . It will be nice to get people’s feed back in real life!


HR: We hear Rutledge (US Top Gear host) will be out with his ’83 Civic Wagon at the show alongside other members in the Roots community. Can we expect some pictures or a group shot?

RY: Nice, always like to see the older cars out . I’m sure we can work something out.

HR: We are stoked to see what the future has in store for you and the K20 Civic here at Roots. Not only have you brought to the community an icon to look upon, but respect amongst all owners with vintage Honda’s like ourselves. Any plans for the Civic?

RY: Thanks, for now I want to hit some shows and have fun with it!

HR: We thank you again for your time Roger and will keep you covered here on Honda Roots!

RY: Thanks again, I hope to finish up the 85 Crx Si and the 74 civic I am working on and get them out for people to see also. Thanks for your time!

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