1987 Flashback Civic Shuttle from Maine

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Mike Houghton from Lewiston, Maine is showing his Roots proudly with his restored ’87 Civic Wagon. His hauler is just a simple and dope as the the artwork wrapping around the local alley-way. For him, searching for the Civic Wagon was the hardest part.

“…looking for a non-hacked and non-rotted 1st gen Wago for about 2-1/2 to 3 years (hard to find clean Honda’s in Maine!).”

Driving in the “The Pine Tree State” and getting a chance to show the new kids what your made of is priceless and this wagon shows. Mike gave us the low-down that there isn’t alot done with the Civic, but just driveway maintenance and some clean eye for looking good. Money sometimes isn’t always the needed solution for a simple ride.

mike wagon 1

Riding on 15″ Drag DR20’s and Kumho rubber, the springs we’re dumped 1.75″ and torsion bars dropped to give it that needed stance. Only minor body work was needed to battle the Maine cancer that seduced the wagon and a cheap Krylon coat of rattle-can completed the street status Mike was achieving. Only 135k miles, which is about average, graces the speedo. For a wagon hauler in Maine though, this is sorta hard to find.

mike wagon 3

It honestly doesn’t take much to make a Honda look good and to enjoy it. It’s what we all love in the game of making things work and Mike certainly has done so. Future plans are to garner a D15 with side carbs and to continue adding to the image!

For more, check out his business page at Fat Kid Graffix located in local Maine!

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