Honda Firewall Plug Find via ‘Honda-San’


Jason Kandalec, from ‘Honda-San‘ sent us this video featuring a unique find on a common problem. Many of us tend to restore our Honda’s either with the factory A/C unit with all the hard lines left in place or completely rip it out. It not only helps in weight reduction, but to help clean up the engine bay and aid in simplicity.  The removal process leads up to where the pressure lines enter and exit through the firewall. You can’t entirely take this out as it will leave a good-size hole open to moisture or critters to enter the cabin. So what do you do? This editor in fact has left his in place on his  Prelude, but the correct plug has been found. Use Jason’s ’82 Civic GL as an example in the video above.


It’s amazingly more common of a plug that us older owners realize. Used in the ’90-97 Accords / ’92-96 Preludes for wire tucks and more, this plug is factory and fits perfectly in place of our setups.

For more information on the plug and other awesome finds, follow Jason over on his FB page and blog site below:

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