N600 Restoration In Norway Done Right!



We recently stumbled upon this beauty over on Japanese Nostalgia Car’s forums started last year when member “Affen” posted up his recent find. A low-mileage (40.000 miles / 66.000 km) 1974 Honda N600 that has been parked since 1988 in Norway! Last owner driven in 1984. The amazing part, and what we love to read, is the history behind this little gem as  it apparently was a defect during transportation to it’s dealer in late ’73 (presumably) and had a beaten roof. Affen posts that the dealer coated the top of the roof with a black coating to hide the indentations / scratches and possibly sold the N600 at a discounted price during ’74.



It seems Affen is tracking down all the right NOS (New-Old Stock) parts and taking everyone opportunity to do this build right. We love the attention to each part being found or ordered while the high-res pictures are so beautiful to look at from the build. This is definitely a build worth keeping bookmarked. We’ve uploaded some of the builds pics in our gallery, be sure to check out the N600’s restoration on JNC’s link below for more information:


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