‘Nothing to Something’ Resto ’79 Accord

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From rags to riches, this mighty little ’79 Accord saloon straight out of Malaysia was done in under a years time! We’ve been following the build from 1Geez.com and fellow Roots follower ‘Hazwan’! Known strongly in the 1st gen community as a free-thinker and innovator, many follow this guys path from his LED ideas to balling interior choices.  He is no stranger to SJ Accords and was one of our poster boys early on our FB page with his deliciously clean ’81 Accord sedan.

Check out his amazing and quick resto build over on 1Geez.com with this link below:


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Hazwan decided to tackle this project for a friend who saw potential in the SJ Accords but needed the help. He seemed reluctant at first but decided to dive in and started stripping the Accord down to it’s bare necessities. He soon found more bondo / rust than expected but continued to sand down until the bad spots were welded and spotted. The door crevices alone were hideous to look at even. After months of tackling the body work, Hazwan got the car in good condition where he was able to start playing with fitted fender flares, 15×8″ TrakLite Crosstread +15 offset, custom fitted Mitsubishi Lancer Coilovers and his personal touch….BMW E34 projector swap.

hazwan 12

hazwan 16

This should be inspiration for anyone thinking the impossible is not reachable. Granted the car is over 30 years and counting in age, it should never stop anyone from wanting to achieve premier status or restoration quality.

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