Honda N600 Drag Racing / Speed Channel

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Spotted from a 2009 airing on Speed Channel by one of our followers, Cesar Andrade. How did we miss this before?


This remarkable video shows the brutal power these little engines can dish out and yeah…yeah…the judges can laugh all the want but for a car that almost gets 40mpg and can show it’s ass on prime-time television, would you be laughing if you got the opportunity? You can tell these brothers are taking in all the glory for something you probably have never witnessed before and they know it.

“HELMET” – Dan Vander Weit / Silver ’72 Honda N600

“SMOKINM&M” – Bruce Vander Weit / Yellow ’71 Honda N600

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from one of the brothers family members during the event.


Shot in Charlotte, NC for the ZMax “Pass Time” dragstrip special that aired via Speed Channel. We can’t stop watching this. The Vander Weit brothers….we salute you both here at Roots!

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