The Karate Kid’s Hidden Honda S800!

karate kid part 2

Growing up in the 80’s, you no doubt watched the famous martial arts franchise, “The Karate Kid”! Admit it, who didn’t want to wear a karate head band and think their grandfather looked like Mr. Miyagi? It was a staple movie of the 80’s with the first part released in ’84. Part II is where it got interesting in ’86 between Miyagi and Sato after bickering over when they will fight. Meanwhile, Daniel falls in love with Kumiko and has to fight the ever stupid Chozen in the end.

Throughout the entire film in Part II, you’ll notice the vast number of awesome cars and props used either by the characters or as background pieces. It’s funny to note that the majority of the people reading this will probably not have thought or remembered a famous prop that Kumiko liked to drive. It’s been an interesting find but there’s a hidden S800 used in numerous scenes through Okinawa. There’s even a City Turbo sporting in one scene!

Karate Kid 2 S-3

Karate Kid 2 City & S

Karate Kid 2 S-1

Karate Kid 2 S-2

Karate Kid 2 S-4

Karate Kid 2 S-5

What makes matters more interesting is the fact the movie was shot entirely on the island of Oahu, Hawaii…. not in Okinawa, Japan as the film depicts. We wonder what ever happened to this S800! Check out the move again to see what we’re talking about.

Pics were taken from the Blu-Ray edition of the “The Karate Kid Part 2”.

All rights are reserved and belong to their respected owners at Columbia Pictures. These are only used for reference purposes!

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