The Honda Z600’s Replacement? Meet the Honda GEAR!


If your like us and waking up this morning for your typical Friday, you might be blown away by the newly released Honda GEAR Concept! We were and WOW does it look great!


Unveiled at the 2013 Montreal Auto Show today, the Honda GEAR shows it’s roots well with similarities to the classic Hatchbacks of Honda’s past and more importantly, the Honda Z 600 (which we oddly featured pictures of yesterday on our facebook page).


Intended for a younger and more urban, Gen-Y population, the Honda GEAR is a completely new platform that shares no similarities with any other Honda in production. It’s smaller than the Honda Fit in comparison and is targeted exclusively for a study in what the next small compact will evolve too for Honda’s future.

Honda had video feed running throughout the show showing it’s inspiration by fixed gear bicycles. We here at Roots can’t quite figure Honda’s reasoning behind this or how it even remotely works in comparison to fixed gear bicycles, but we’re sure it’s genius once explained.





It’s styling cues are practically close to the Z600’s proportions, especially with focus on the rear side windows and front fascia. The round headlights (as seen similar on the recent N-series), shares a nostalgia look that feeds Honda energy to anyone who passes by. It also looks like this could be the worthy successor to Honda’s European Civic Hatchback?
Could this be the start of a Retro-Honda movement or the show & tell for us Root lovers? Unfortunately Honda was silent on giving any specifics, including power-train specs or interior shots, but for a concept like this we don’t care. As long as we continue to see more of the GEAR……lets continue drooling over the pictures.
All pictures are used for informative reasons and not in anyway for copyright infringement. All rights are reserved to their respected owners and sites. We are just sharing the Honda nostalgia love!

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