Are you ready to drive an ‘unmolested’ ’86 Civic Si in Forza Horizon?

Even though we’re a few days off, back on Tuesday (Jan. 15th), Honda has officially released the DLC “Honda Challenge Car Pack” for Forza Horizon on the Microsoft Xbox 360! And it’s FREE to download!


This isn’t the first time the popular “Wonder Civic” has been released in a video game (Forza Series, Gran Turismo, Auto Modelista) but it’s definitely the closest you’ll be able to free roam in an ’86 and act like a complete tard. Granted we couldn’t scratch the paint on a real one, this is the perfect way to enjoy a solid race.

Also included in the car pack is a 2013 Honda Civic Si coupe and the extremely quick, 2012 HPD Honda Fit.



To be eligible in the Honda Challenge, you must download the pack before entering the races. This will grant you access and set you goal as the fastest time around the track.

Indy 500 champ, Scott Dixon, from New Zealand is also on board to challenge you in the event with a placement time. Can you beat a real life F1 Champ? You don’t get much opportunities like this. We know what we’ll be doing. 😉


Nate Mitchell

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