How To: 2G Prelude Sunroof Switch Refresh.

Admittedly this is a very specific how to file but if you’ve got a 83-87 Prelude you might enjoy this!

While doing a bit of work on my dashboard as of late, I took most of my dash apart. As usual I started one thing and ended up side tracked. One of the things I decided to do was replace all the bulbs in my gauge cluster and figured while I was at it I’d try and fix what seems to be a common problem among the 2nd gen Preludes:


The control switch for the sunroof (And headlight retractor override) tends to get gunked up inside, and at night the icons don’t light up clearly. Admittedly it’s a small detail, but if you’re fussy like me it’s worth the effort.

First, I’d like to say there IS some risk involved (You may damage the switch) however it’s pretty minimal, just take your time and do it with care!

As for removal of the switch I will be covering that step shortly, but it’s fairly simple if you’d like to try and figure it out yourself. There’s just a few fasteners that need to be undone to take off the shroud that covers the gauge cluster.

Back to the task at hand:

2012-12-13_0002First I removed the metal bracket on the back, just to ease access.


2012-12-13_0006Then I twisted the bulb holder counter clockwise and pulled it out. This is obviously a good time to replace the bulb as well.


2012-12-13_00212012-12-13_0019Then I inserted a screwdriver into the hole. Don’t use a Phillips head as it’s probably too big to fit through the slots behind the decal. Make sure you insert it at an angle and do it gently or you may end up doing this!









Gently use the screwdriver to pry up the decal just enough to hook it out of there with a pick or a knife.










Once it’s out you can see that there’s 2 pieces sandwiched together with adhesive. it turns out that the adhesive tends to break down and spread a little bit over the years, which ends up blocking the light from showing through. I carefully separated the 2 pieces and then proceeded to try and get rid of the adhesive.


After trying several different soaps and cleaners unsuccessfully I found out that the most effective method was actually the use of a simple pencil eraser: the rubber in it sticks to the adhesive and enables it to be wiped off more easily.


Much Better!








After they were sufficiently clean I simply put them back in. I made a point of not cleaning the spot on the switch that the pieces sit inside. The leftover adhesive helps the sticker stay on, I also put a little bit of glue around the edge just in case.


I’ll admit time will tell whether the sticker will stay attached, but in the meantime I’m quite happy with the result. There’s more 2nd Gen Prelude How Tos to come, but in the meantime: Keep Em Rollin Folks!


Ethan – Editor








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