Movie Spot: “Employee Of The Month” ’81 Honda Scenes

“This is an ’81 Honda, HOW DARE YOU!”  If this sounds familiar, you know exactly what we’re talking about! If you still haven’t gotten a clue about what this has to do with the 2006 Comedy “Employee of the Month”, watch this video below!


Face it, you can’t help but laugh out loud when you remember the scene with Dane CookJessica Simpson hitting a golf ball into the head of Efren Ramirez with Dax Shepard. The film is packed with so many funny scenes, it’s hard to not list them all but the most memorial for almost any Honda owner is the ’81 Honda Civic. Though oddly it was actually an ’82-83 Civic due to the grill, headlights and other small features. It looks to be that 2 different Honda Civic’s were used in the movie, the blue ’82-83 1500GL in the beginning & a yellow 1300FE with what seems to be a D16 swap under the hood. Anyone know more about this car, comment below!

No matter, what the argument is, the point is that a movie like this that pays small tribute to the 2nd gen civic deserves some notice and we’re hoping that more of you who haven’t seen this funny comedy will go out and rent it or buy it at your local video store. Plus it has Harland WilliamsAndy Dick and we’re suckers for them here with their comedic genius at times throughout the film. To seem them argue at customers is hilarious. If only we could go to a local Costco or Super Mart and find a Honda Civic for sale on two pallets!

The movie itself was received rather poor reviews but made back it’s small budget and gave audiences a chance to see Jessica Simpson act out in her “almost” full glory (show us what’s under the hood next time Jessica). Still a funny late night flick, be sure to check it out and see how the ’82….errr…’81 Honda shines in the movie as the real star!

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