Wanna Own The World’s Oldest Accord?

Thought you had the rarest 1st gen Accord on the street? Apparently not after reading this mans VIN #. Check out his ebay listing with only 4 days left from this post!


Seller “kidcrash603” thinks he owns the rarest 1st Generation SJ Accord in the US! This isn’t to say there’s another one older than this, but this is as close as one person can get to owning a collectors item. It’s gold paint job (not sure if YR27M Cheyenne Gold Metallic or YR28M Athens Gold Metallic) is a little rough while the rust is showing from the cars hiatus from it’s 70,000 mile US tour. Nothing a little buffering, some new panels, fresh paint job and lots more will restore this beauty back to it’s ’76 freshness.

The owner states on the ebay listing the VIN of the car is #SJ-E100699, which tells us by productions number the car is number #699 from ’76. That’s rather damn low and considering he shows us an article for reference of another fellow who believed he had the lowest mileage Accord ever in ’09, CLICK HERE TO READ, it’s impressive. His number was #SJ-E1011014 which is no where near this one!

It needs a lot of love and work, especially some engine restoration but this could be a museum piece if someone can do it properly because the VIN alone is worth alot! Hopefully one our followers here on Roots will pick this up. Let us know if you do 😉

Nate Mitchell

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One thought on “Wanna Own The World’s Oldest Accord?

  • September 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    I hope someone restores it soon, looks like a nice project and a valuable collector item.


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