Funeral for a ’82 Civic, ole “Bluey”

Despite the name “Bluey” having almost no match with the cars current color or state, this 30 year old ’82 Honda Civic was given it’s final drive to that great car lot in the heavens.

Harry Ettling, former resident of New York & Dixieland member finally figured it was time to pull the plug on this amazing and everlasting 2nd generation Civic. Having been with Ettling since new, Bluey has seen better days but has survived though what seems almost torture to still hold a registration tag in it’s glovebox. It’s been totaled by a drunk driver, flipped up-side down during New York’s Washington Heights riots of 1992, and rusted away to near nothingness. But, it’s also become a beloved normal in Ettling’s neighborhood despite its property-value-lowering looks.


“I’ve always considered this car to be the most reliable friend I’ve ever had.” Ettling says after putting about 170,000 miles on the 2nd gen. “Everybody in the neighborhood knows this car. People have come up to me and said, ‘Ever since I was a little toddler, I’ve been seeing this car on the street.'”

Wearing a suit fit for a preacher and a top hot to lead on the funeral march, Ettling enjoys the festivities and drives Bluey on to a rollback to where the Civic will be towed to a scrap yard for anyone needing parts. We of course said the car could be saved and donated for a full restoration for Ettling or the neighborhood, but it seems fate is not always bestowed upon lightly.


“And that’s the beautiful thing. I think in that way, Bluey’s influence and his impact on the neighborhood and his memory, if not him, will certainly live on for many years to come, if not, forever.” Along the way, the car became increasingly decrepit — and increasingly beloved. “It became a neighborhood icon,” he said. “There wasn’t a day that went by that some kids didn’t stop by and get their picture taken by my car.”


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