Our First Post…..Woot!

Welcome to Honda Roots first official page & first post EVER!

You’ve probably been linked here from the Facebook page or from some other type of website that we don’t know about, were not arguing! Already if you haven’t visited the FB, click the link above to your left. And we’re betting you’re wondering about the picture of the 1st Gen CRX with a Jetski in the back. Well we got your attention now and that’s exactly what we’re here to do. Don’t fret, this isn’t really our car but some poor fool who probably will be tracked down and banned from owning one of these great cars!  But lets put your attention to what I have to say below!

First off, this entire website wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys supporting and helping us. Our mission is simple, to achieve BOSS status with all things Honda pre-dating ’87. Now of course we’ve made exceptions to this rule by allowing some 3rd Gen Prelude owners and 1st Gen Teg owners to chime in as well. Some of the classic’s are long forgotten or hardly thought about. Their owners may not even know what they have sitting in the driveway or that young kid who slaps a Folgers can to the exhaust to his dismay. Admit it, you’ve driven by a classic 2nd Gen Accord or pristine CRX and wondered whose driving that car right now? Do they know what they have? Lets gather the troops and get this community rolling with all the enthusiasts & proud owners who take pride in the Honda Dream and make their own say in their ride. We want you to share with us what you have and how your keeping the dream alive. Lets not forget about the past and lets pay tribute to the originators of the import scene.

Let them know about Honda Roots, spread the word and lets share the history to all the nay-sayers & haters alike that the classics are alive and this is how we roll!

Nathan – HR Founder

Nate Mitchell

HR Commander n' Chief Collector of 1G Preludes and resource material. Keeping the Roots Alive one car at a time!

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