ROTM September: Chase Maurer's '87 RT-AWD Civic Wagovan

ROTM September: Chase Maurer’s ’87 RT-AWD Civic Wagovan

It’s not too often you see a 3rd gen civic wagon rolling down the countryside, wailing with hits from the 80’s & having it’s showroom…

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Funeral for a '82 Civic, ole "Bluey"

Funeral for a ’82 Civic, ole “Bluey”

Despite the name “Bluey” having almost no match with the cars current color or state, this 30 year old ’82 Honda Civic was given it’s…

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Our First Post.....Woot!

Our First Post…..Woot!

Welcome to Honda Roots first official page & first post EVER! You’ve probably been linked here from the Facebook page or from some other type…

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