ROTM December: Keith Maple's ’79 Civic

ROTM December: Keith Maple’s ’79 Civic

The rarity associated with seeing any of our brethren at a local Honda show is like bringing a Star Wars movie to a Twilight premiere….

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ROTM November: Billy Gregory's ’87 CRX Si

ROTM November: Billy Gregory’s ’87 CRX Si

For almost 30 years the 1st generation Ballade Sports CR-X has reigned it’s series of trophies from auto-x, quarter-miles, strip meets to JDM enthusiasts, magazines…

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ROTM October: Matt Selden's ’81 Honda Prelude

ROTM October: Matt Selden’s ’81 Honda Prelude

It’s a bird, it’s a train (well it’s pictured beside one), is that a Skyline?…….No, No…’s a Honda and a Prelude? We present to you…

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ROTM September: Chase Maurer's '87 RT-AWD Civic Wagovan

ROTM September: Chase Maurer’s ’87 RT-AWD Civic Wagovan

It’s not too often you see a 3rd gen civic wagon rolling down the countryside, wailing with hits from the 80’s & having it’s showroom…

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