Japanese Classic Car Show 2016 – Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of our coverage from JCCS 2016. In part 1, we showed you some excellent air-cooled Hondas, Serial One, and other goodies happening at the show. Now, we’ll show you some liquid-cooled goodness, both carbureted and fuel-injected.

This yellow CVCC model Civic was parked next to the booth for “25 Honda” who was selling some old-school OEM accessories from the show.


Parked next to all 3g Civics and 1g CRXs, was this excellent 1g Civic with optional roof rack. We’re guessing this is an early 1200 model, due to lack of vents at the cowl, and the earlier style grille.


This 1g Civic was a real treat to see. This GT-5 racer was built by Eyeball Engineering and brought to Long Beach from Colorado.


This racer appears to be packing as much go as it has show. We’re told this car was actually built by Tim Ming’s step-father, who is also into vintage Hondas.


This showroom-fresh, all original Accord also made it out to the event this year. It’s been here many times in the past, and always looks great.


Considering the number of N and Z cars, there did seem to be a surprising absence of first-gen cars at this show. We’re guessing that California emissions laws have helped the Z and N owners keep their cars registered by being pre-75. Most 1g Civics, and all 1g Accords and Preludes are still required to pass emissions with the stock carburetion systems. We know how tricky they can be to keep running in top condition after all the rubber hoses get old, and gaskets start breaking down.

But there is one Honda that may be the trickiest to keep on the road. Coming from the factory with dual sidedraft, CV carburetors, this 2g Prelude takes the cake for being intimidating when you first pop the hood. Not only does this car have all the typical 80s vacuum lines (for both carbs), but it’s also a California model, which means a few extra hoses and components to contend with.


The only other 2nd Gen Honda that made it out to the show, was this wonderful and rare 1985 Accord SEi. This was the only 2g Accord that came with fuel injection in the US. All base-model and LX versions came with single-carb CVCC engines.


There was also a wonderful handful of vintage Integras at the show. s6301596s6301597s6301617

3g Civics and 1g CRXs were quite plentiful this year. They came in all styles from bone stock to highly modified. Interestingly, nearly every one was an Si model. 20160924_105704 s6301622 s6301647 s6301624 s6301625 s6301629 s6301633 s6301634 s6301638 s6301641 s6301642 RED CIVIC JCCS Black CRX JCCS Red CRX JCCS

If you’re a pop-up lover, and didn’t get enough with the Integras, then you’ll love checking out these 3g Accords. There were no all-original cars in this group, but that’s okay. Every one was clean and tastefully modified.

ACCORD COUPE CA JCCS ACCORD 4DR JCCS 2016 ACCORD COUPE CA JCCS 2016 s6301609 s6301601 s6301600 s6301613 s6301550That concludes our car coverage from JCCS 2016. That doesn’t mean we’ve shown you all the Hondas that were at the show, though. Check back soon for part 3, where you will get to see the motorcycles that made it out to the event.

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