Honda Kokoro featuring the famous Musselman Honda Dealership

America Honda and Honda Kokoro have released their second installment “Helen on Wheels” as part of their collaborated Honda Heritage series and Helen Musselman is the star. Charles takes us on an amazing history tour with Helen in her families Tucson dealer that helped start the Honda motorcycle revolution in the United States. The Musselman Honda dealer is open to the public and has been since 1948.  It was one of the first Honda dealers in 1959 to sell products from the Pico Avenue office in Los Angeles.

Helen Musselman and her husband Darvin “Pappy” started the dealership after Darvin wanted to work in the motorcycle business with years of tinkering and racing. When interested in wanting a franchise with the unheard of Honda brand at the time, the relationship between Honda GM, Kihachiro Kawashima and Musselman grew ten-fold and soon the family was one of the top dealers in the country for the Honda Cub. The video is a delight to watch and shows interesting behind the scenes footage of the Pico Avenue interior down to the “Holiday in Japan” that dealers were invited to attend. Anyone catch the E-40 generator gift from Honda with a lightbulb attached?

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