Car Bros’ Gympkhana Video Spanks Around a 1985 Civic 4WD Wagovan

Gympkhana Civic Video

Ken Block can’t spank a Civic Wagon like the Car Bro’s do, not even utilizing a badass skull steering wheel spinner for these ridiculous stunts.  Leave it to a bunch of amazing goof balls that is, Car Bros to make an insane video that is beyond entertaining. The realization of them using what appears to be an ’85 Civic 4WD Wagovan (Scion XB, nice try) and mimic the craze of GYMKHANA videos is a thing of pure beauty. We need more videos like this, period!

The inside jokes are everywhere in this 5 minute fun fest, with gags from Grand Theft Auto, Ken Block, Corvette owner satire and more. Is it us or is that Civic really turbo’d or is there a growling American V8 pushed under the hood? Turn up the volue, the sound editing is a pure delight as well. Take a watch below and let us know what you think. Hopefully there is more to come in the future from the Car Bros and the Hoonicorns.

Nate Mitchell

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