Resto File: Keihin to Weber Swap.

Tune in and see some high speed carb swapping action as I remove the Keihin off the 81 Accord and replace it with a Weber 32/36 DGEV. As it states in the video this is more for entertainment than instruction, however there are several tips contained within.

Once again the parts used were:

  • Weber 32/36 DGEV.
  • Universal linkage kit.
  • CVCC Carb mount adaptor plates.
  • Karropak.for gasket material.

All necessary parts for doing this Weber swap come in the Redline Carb kit # K725.

Some spare fuel hose and vacuum line scan also come in handy as well.

Throttle Linkage Options: If you don’t want to clip off the throttle stop as shown in the video, you may want to try ordering a linkage kit for the Suzuki Samurai (# 99007.600) on Ebay or elsewhere. The throttle cable mounting bracket will need to be altered (Read: BENT) a bit but it works well with a little adjustment.

Redline also offers Weber installation kits for most other 70’s to mid 90’s Hondas. I wish I could say I was getting free shwag for pimping their products but I’m just glad to see companies out still there manufacturing quality products for our old Hondas, E-bay’s finest foglights and flashy shift knobs from China just don’t count! 🙂   E.

2 thoughts on “Resto File: Keihin to Weber Swap.

  • October 17, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Help! I’m resurrecting a 1980 Civic wagon 5-speed that hadn’t run for at least 10 years. I rebuilt the Keihin carb but the throttle stays wide open after reaching road speeds (I have to kick the pedal at stoplights to reduce the throttle). So, two main questions, can this be fixed or even diagnosed, and if I punt and go with a Weber, what happens to some of the vacuum functions that recirculated gas vapors to the canister and the carb? Also, how did you cap off the hot exhaust tube to the old air filter housing?

    Thanks! Your videos and posts are very helpful.


  • March 18, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    That old carb made me sell an 86 accord to a recycler for $80 about 10 years ago. I loved driving it until it started revving like crazy and stomping on the gas didn’t fix it. Looked at the diagram and threw in the towel.


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