Resto File: Keihin to Weber Swap.

Resto File: Keihin to Weber Swap.

Tune in and see some high speed carb swapping action as I remove the Keihin off the 81 Accord and replace it with a Weber 32/36 DGEV. As it states in the video this is more for entertainment than instruction, however there are several tips contained within.

Once again the parts used were:

  • Weber 32/36 DGEV.
  • Universal linkage kit.
  • CVCC Carb mount adaptor plates.
  • Karropak.for gasket material.

All necessary parts for doing this Weber swap come in the Redline Carb kit # K725.

Some spare fuel hose and vacuum line scan also come in handy as well.

Throttle Linkage Options: If you don’t want to clip off the throttle stop as shown in the video, you may want to try ordering a linkage kit for the Suzuki Samurai (# 99007.600) on Ebay or elsewhere. The throttle cable mounting bracket will need to be altered (Read: BENT) a bit but it works well with a little adjustment.

Redline also offers Weber installation kits for most other 70’s to mid 90’s Hondas. I wish I could say I was getting free shwag for pimping their products but I’m just glad to see companies out still there manufacturing quality products for our old Hondas, E-bay’s finest foglights and flashy shift knobs from China just don’t count! 🙂   E.