Resto File # 9: Top end rebuild.

So this latest installment involves major surgery. A cracked head necessitated either replacement or retirement. Not being willing to give up “my baby”, I figured it was time for a top end rebuild. Check out the video for the full details on the EK1 top end tear down and rebuild, including new cam break in, ARP head studs, and Weber carburetor installation!

One thought on “Resto File # 9: Top end rebuild.

  • April 22, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    Hi, I’m about to make the same top-end rebuilt to my 81 Civic and I’d like to change the head bolts for studs. I’ve already checked the ARP website, but I didn’t find a kit that fits my car (EM1 1500 CVCC), in fact, I only find stud kits for newer models. How did you find the rigth studs for the EK1 engine? Hopefully your information will help me to choose one kit that fits my engine. Thanks in advance. And sorry if my english is not propper.


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