2g Accords In Music Videos

It’s always good to see some vintage Hondas becoming big stars and getting recognition. In these two music videos, we just happen to have some good looking 2g Accords in the spotlight.

The face-lifted 2g Accord hatchback in this video appears to be a UK version. It’s well taken care of, even still has the cargo cover in the back! It’s definitely living the life, traveling across the country!

The super fresh pre-facelift sedan starring in this video used to belong to our friend Sébastien Guay. You can see the amazing care he took of his car. This one gets to proudly sport it’s badge!

2 thoughts on “2g Accords In Music Videos

  • June 3, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Actualy its a canadian model and the guy living in montreal a friend of mine and its for sale


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