June 8th, 2013 – King Motorsports Dyno Day 2013


King Motorsports is hosting their 2013 Dyno Day event on June 8th. We’re super excited to check out the show and see what’s in store for our supporters who started it all for us. We’ll be there in the crowd alongside others to check out the event so be sure to register now and bring your Roots in full tune! This your opportunity to get involved with the real guys that know Mugen!

Register here:  http://www.kingmotorsports.com/p-4364-2013-king-motorsports-dyno-day-registration.aspx


For more on the previous years event, check out the awesome article Honda Tuning wrote up HERE and be sure to check out our coverage of the show!

Nate Mitchell

Honda Roots Editor-in-Chief A strong SN Honda enthusiast, he currently owns an '80 XR and '81 SN Preludes, supplies parts and operates Honda Roots, Thisoldhonda.org and G1Preludes.com.

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