Jet-Powered Z600.....We Have A Go!!

Jet-Powered Z600…..We Have A Go!!

What do you get when you combine a gutted Honda Z600, a high-mounted Garrett JFS100 gas turbine jet engine and some crazy drunk Zealanders? A Kei-car that is sure to be the fastest on the planet.

Having the license plate “Jetboy”, you would hope to live up to your name and fool the crowd when you roll onto the drag strip for that unthinkable quarter mile time. But unfortunately not much is said from this point on……..and probably for good reason as the car proved to be too unstable in its test runs (see video below).

As many of you asked after we posted the Z600 (pictured above), we wanted to clarify once again that this was indeed real and functional. The owners are unknown as of this time, just that they were some crazy drunk New-Zealanders or possible Europeans at best (our apologizes is you are reading this now).

The replacement engine for the original 36 horsepower, air-cooled 598cc engine was a 50lb, Allied Signal JFS100 Gas Turbine Engine, that generates roughly 150 lbt and rotates at 75,000 rpm max. Being a single-spool type engine, it was easy to manage the position of the turbine through the rear hatch with the necessary mounting needed.

The designers opted to take out the power-turbine & gearbox and replaced it with a thrust nozzle for easier handling of the throttle controls. The thrust was designed low because the stator vanes have been left in place and this creates a huge amount of swirl in the exhaust gasses. The suspension was left mostly intact with bracing added on the frame for more rigidity. We personally like the yellow spare tires for needed weight loss and aerodynamics.

Watch below for the test video on this rare and FUN Z600 that only a few will be able to get to see. Can we give this guy a Decal?