ROTM November: Billy Gregory’s ’87 CRX Si

For almost 30 years the 1st generation Ballade Sports CR-X has reigned it’s series of trophies from auto-x, quarter-miles, strip meets to JDM enthusiasts, magazines & even the unworthy television show….Pimp-My-Ride! It even gave birth to the it’s former sibling that unfortunately has taken the reigns as the most popular CRX model out of the available 3 generations. But no matter what you see or read about, the CRX nameplate is a car that many believe to be one of Honda’s greatest achievements in affordable seriousness! From it’s original 1.3l EV series to its first DOHC 1.6l D16A1, this chassis has always been a serious street fighter.

The owner of this beautiful ride is none other than Billy Gregory. He lives in North Carolina and has a job that many would envy and is no stranger to the Honda scene. Take our word for it. He tells us that he originally bought this ride back in ’97 for only 3k. He kept it sane by adding mostly period correct pieces including the Giovani G-Racing Akita wheels, Lightspeed side markers and even a rare, optional digital gauge cluster from New Zealand. It’s a sight to behold once your hear his rare Sebring exhaust revving past you in the Carolina’s.

We got the chance to ask Billy some questions and hear about his thoughts on the aspects of his ’87 CRX Si.

HR: Congrats on being our November ROTM for Honda Roots, you excited?

Billy: Absolutely I’m excited! I love my CRX and am glad to share it with the Honda community.

HR: The ’87 is so clean, how do you maintain it like it is?

Billy: I have owned it for a very long time. I keep it garaged, waxed and detailed at all times. Now a days, it is not a daily driver and only comes out on nice sunny days.

HR: How did you come about owning this awesome Rex?

Billy: I bought my CRX 17 years ago. I was still in graduating high school and going off to college. I wanted a fuel efficient car to drive back and fourth. I stumbled on the CRX at a used car lot and it just seemed like a good fit. I paid $3000 cash for it. It was a one-owner vehicle with 101,000 miles on it. The rest is history!

HR: How many miles have you turned over on the odometer right now?

Billy: Miles, I have kinda lost track. I bought a digital gauge cluster from NZ a few years back. I had like 187,000 ish on it when I swapped clusters. The new one reads in KM. I don’t really keep up anymore. I have all the numbers written down somewhere and would have to find it and do the math to get an accurate count. I would estimate it around 210,000 miles.

HR: Can you tell us more about the mods done to the CRX and the engine?

Billy: The engine is basically stock, I did add a K&N filter with home-made PVC tube. As for the other mods, I have a DC short shifter, the digital gauge cluster from New Zealand along with clear corners and three-spoke steering wheel from Japan. It has Integra rear disc brakes, period correct Lightspeed side markers, rolls on Giovani G-Racing Akita wheels, and perhaps one of my favorite item is the Sebring exhaust I had shipped in from Austria. It was for an Integra but I had it modded to fit and absolutely love the way it looks and sounds. Other original Honda parts include the Honda fogs, and CRX rubber floor mats.

HR: If someone was to find you rolling down the street, what type of hat would you be wearing? Random question, we know!

Billy: My hat? Hondajet of course! Back in March I was lucky enough to go to work for Honda Aircraft Company building the awesome Hondajet! I love working for the company I love so much and sport their threads proudly. Find out more about the future of Honda’s role in the aviation industry by visiting

HR: Everyone over sees the potential of the original CRX and goes straight for the 2nd Gen, EF cousin. What made you want to keep this OG alive?

Billy: Aside from already having one from it’s glory days, it boils down to exactly what you say. Everybody goes for the 2nd gen. How many 1G CRX’s have you seen lately? I like being a bit different than the mainstream and sparking nostalgia. I hear it all the time…”I used to have one of those, I wish I had never sold it.” Well I didn’t sell mine, It’s alive and well.

HR: How did you get into the Honda game?

Billy: My family always had Hondas growing up. One of my earliest memories is smashing my finger in the rear window of my dad’s white 76′ CVCC. Many came after that, there were many year Accords, A 1G & 2G Prelude, Integra, CRV, and my dad at 70 years old still drives a lowered 91′ CRX Si with Zenon body kit! It’s was just in my blood. Naturally when I was looking for a car, I wanted a Honda. I think it might be a medical condition.

HR: Any future mods planned for the CRX?

Billy: I am happy with the CRX. I spent all these years getting it where it is today. If the engine ever goes, She’ll probably get a full Type R swap with LSD and complete suspension re-work. I’d also like to set her on a set of Mugen CF-48’s. I’ve always loved those wheels and once again, their period correct. I’ve got nothing but time. Those things are all high $ mods. They may manifest themselves in the future, but if not, I’m completely happy with my X.

HR: Any big shout outs you like to make?

Billy: All those that have helped me along the way. First my family. Then the boys I used to hang with at I pretty much lost touch with most of them. My days on the forums are few and far between now. Life is too busy. You all know who you are – you’re not forgotten. My boys at another car, and passion of mine. Please take time and check out my wagon build thread too.
And last but not least, my boys Chase and Josh for being local Honda fanatics and coming over to take these awesome Pics!

Photography credit goes to Billy Gregory & Chase Maurer

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