’79 K20 Civic – The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Surf the net and you’re bound not to find a single 1st gen civic with a K20 swap. Only a few hands have rained victory over the daunting task of swapping a fuel injected B16 or B18 in their cars , all requiring custom axles, mounts, wiring and more. There’s no database to follow, no parts list to check off, only your tools & craftsmanship. Most people simply stop while attempting it or give up….

But not for Roger! We couldn’t help but feature a story about this amazing build that Roger or “Katch24” on K20.org has been putting together. This is indeed the real deal and is still being completed as of now outside of Orlando, FL. Katch24 started off wanting something fresh and to put his current race build K20 into. He scored this amazing condition ’79 Civic 1200  in 2008 with only 70k on the odometer and started immediately on it’s tear down. He posts “I have two weeks to strip it down and get it to the chassis shop. We will have it at the chassis shop for 4-6 weeks but I have things to work on the keep the thread going during that time.”

He quickly dissected the civic down to it’s bare essentials and then started to map out his plan for the K20 fitment. His posts & pics state they wanted to keep the civic as stock looking as possible but to add whatever was needed for support & bracing for the 2.0 liter. Reinforcement bars, chassis supports & a custom shock housings on the frame were calculated and welded into place giving the hatch all the rigidity it needed. Front brakes courtesy of Wilwood brakes were custom mounted alongside EP3 Front Spindles which eerily mimicked the hatch’s original setup.

After a rigorous amount of wiring, with help from Rywire.com, and numerous other suspension upgrades, the hatch was finally wired and ready for it’s 2.0 heart to be put into place.  For more information about the build or to check out it’s original thread, click HERE! We’ll go ahead and warn you that by the end of the reading his build, you’ll be drooling too.

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